What You Need to Know About Wooden Toy Kitchens

Wooden toys hold a nostalgic place in a lot of parents' hearts. This could be because that's what they grew up playing with. It could also be a desire to return to a time when quality mattered more than quantity.

Whatever the reason, there are countless benefits to choosing wooden toys over plastic ones. We're going to explain why so many parents are choosing to buy toys built from wood.

We're going to break down why we prefer wooden over plastic by focusing on three categories. We're focusing on the benefits for your child and the environment. We'll also talk about the aesthetic advantages.

To narrow down our discussion, we're focusing on play kitchens. Of course, these reasons can work with any toy. We just love a well-built kid’s woode2 kitchen.

You should remember that when we're talking about wooden toy kitchens we mean real wood. In our opinion, products manufactured using low-grade MDF (medium-density fiberboard) don't qualify as wooden.

The Best Ingredients for a Healthier Environment

When manufacturers mass-produce wooden toy kitchens they're using natural materials. This is a huge benefit for the environment because it means less plastic going through plants.

Those natural materials are also great for recycling. Instead of ending up in landfills, the wooden parts of the toy is reusable.

There are also fewer recalls of wooden toy kitchens than plastic ones. This means that more toys are staying in homes and out of garbage dumps.

One of the biggest benefits of using a wooden model over a plastic one is that they're not throwaway toys. You're more likely to hang onto a play kitchen made from wood than you are a plastic product.

Why You Need a Classy Kitchen for Your Little Chef

Wooden products look nicer. Wouldn't it be nice if your children's toys were gaudy eyesores? The mature design of most wooden play kitchens appeals to entire families. They also look great in any room, instead of being stuck in playrooms.

The classier design of wooden kitchens is also great for growing children. As your kids get older, they're more likely to play with a kitchen that isn't made from cheap plastic.

The build quality of wooden play kitchens is much higher than what's found in plastic models. The design of wood models means they last longer. Which means your children’s wooden kitchen will get more use.

Are Wooden Kitchens Better for Your Child?

Children love exploring their environments and learning new things. To do that, most young kids use their senses. That's why they love to stick things in their mouths.

Product testing stops most dangerous products from hitting store shelves. When it comes to our toys, we still prefer the manufacturing process used in quality wood options. They usually contain fewer chemicals than plastic models.

Children are also more likely to become attached to wooden toys. Test this out by offering your child an option between a plastic toy and a wooden one. Most kids will appreciate the model built from wood.

Wooden kitchen playsets also encourage a child to use their imagination. Whether designed to look like food or household items, kids learn to be creative with these toys.

Plastic toys are still more popular than wooden models. Some of the reasons that parents prefer plastic brands are availability and lower costs. We have noticed that as environmental awareness grows, wooden kitchen toys gain in popularity

The Best Wooden Kitchen for Your Cook

So you've decided that a wooden kitchen is the best option for your family. Where do you start to find the model that will last?

To help you out, we're going to talk about two wooden play kitchens and the company's that make them. Both of these are great options for the little chef in your life.

Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen

Company - Melissa & Doug Cook manufactures the products they sell. This is great because it reduces the chances of quantity over quality. A lot of their toys are also designed to educate children.

The company has also received awards for the toys they produce. Another great part of Melissa & Doug is the extensive testing their toys undergo.

Features - The Corner Wooden Kitchen features a working timer, clicking knobs, and a fridge. There's also lots of storage shelves and a 3-burner cooktop and oven.

The wood play kitchen has lots of bright, primary colors that will please children. The sturdy wooden construction means this toy will last. It's great for the young chef in your life because it builds imagination.

Both independent and guided play is an important part of child development. This wooden kitchen's interactive parts will encourage your child's imagination.

Hape's Playfully Delicious Gourmet Kitchen

Company - Hape is a German-owned manufacturer of children's products. They own their own factory and control the supply chain. The company's focus on the environment and community is also excellent.

Their products are award-winning and manufactured using the highest of standards. They're also known for their excellent customer service department.

Features - The Gourmet Kitchen has red knobs for the burner and convenient storage options. Designed for toddlers, this is a basic model that doesn't take up a lot of room.

This wood play kitchen is great for stimulating children. Some other features include a turning faucet and overhead shelf with hanging hooks. The oven also works as a cooking range or storage cupboard.


Each of these toy kitchens places an emphasis on quality, safety, and learning. The manufacturers also practice what they preach through excellent corporate responsibility.

As we've talked about, there are benefits to choosing toys made from wood over plastic. Wooden play kitchens help the environment and just look nicer. Parents can also rest easier knowing that they help their children.

The benefits of imaginative play and interactive learning are invaluable for young minds. No matter which wooden playset you choose, you'll have a gift your children will grow with.