Tips When Making a Toy Kitchen

Top 4 Tips for Making a Toy Kitchen for Your Kids

For generations, kids play kitchens have been a popular toy offering hours of entertainment. There are currently many options available on the market for toy kitchens. From simple wooden kitchens, to plastic, to fancy multiple piece kitchen sets. Even with all these options some parents have decided to make their own do-it-yourself toy kitchens.

These DIY kitchens are a great option for parents on a budget or for those with a little bit of know how and a creative mind! Many parents have also chosen this option to make a more customized and unique play kitchen for their kids. Designing and building a toy kitchen can also be a great bonding experience with your kids, and add to the fun!

In this post we will cover the top 4 tips for creating your own toy kitchen.

Determine Your Budget

Before starting your toy kitchen project consider your budget and what you expect the final project to look like. This will help you decide what materials to use. It is also important to consider your time frame. Some projects take more time and this may impact your budget, especially if you are on a tight schedule for an upcoming birthday.


When considering the materials that you will be using to make the toy kitchen, remember who will be using it. Even if your kids take good care of their toys, they are still children and accidents happen. So, if this is a toy you see them using for a long period of time consider using a stronger material.

Many DIY kitchen post show parents using cardboard, like this incredible kitchen here. Cardboard is easy to find, easy to shape and paint. However, it is not very sturdy and easy to break by accident. Consider using wood, a much stronger and more durable material.


Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have an old wooden TV cabinet or other old and unused furniture that is a good size, consider repurposing it as a toy kitchen. This may take some more work and know how, but it is a great project and it is durable. If you do not have any old furniture that you could use, check out garage sales around your area or consignment stores. You may be able to find the perfect piece to make your child a great new play kitchen.

Get Creative

When adding the finishing touches to your delightful new toy kitchen, remember to get creative!

Here are some great creative ideas we have seen:

  • A metal mixing bowl for the sink
  • Red felt on black felt for a stove burner
  • Chalkboard paint, or a small white board for a menu
  • Bottle caps as kitchen knobs
  • Labelling everything in the kitchen with a it’s name to help your child learn to read

There you have it some of our top tips to get you started making the perfect kitchen set for your little chef or baker!

If you don’t have the knowledge or time to handle this project, but still want a kitchen for your children to play with, check out our review page for some great options!


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