Making a Homemade Toy Kitchen

Homemade Toy Kitchen

How to Build a Play Kitchen

Buying your child a toy kitchen set can be a great way to give them a way to play, while expanding their minds and imaginations. These sets can sometimes be pricey, or have small parts that can be dangerous to your kids. A lot of the more affordable ones are made of plastic, which can break or snap easily.

If you consider yourself handy, or even if you have some old furniture hanging around the house, there are ways for you to build a toy kitchen set on your own! It doesn’t take much skill, but the end result will be something both you, and your son or daughter will love.

The specific design of the kitchen set will be entirely up to you. Any pieces of furniture your child has grown out of (or replaced), such as an old bed, nightstand, or desk, can easily be transformed into a toy kitchen.

Other unused furniture can also be redesigned into a toy kitchen set for your child. You can adjust the height on any of these pieces, should they need to be taller or shorter, and customize the design to function however you wish.

For people who may not have anything usable laying around your home, a quick trip to a refurbishing center, or inexpensive furniture store, can still be a cheaper alternative to buying a premade set.

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When it comes down to the necessary tools for the job, it all comes down to how detailed you want the toy kitchen set to be, and your skill level with tools. A simple set shouldn’t need more than the following tools:

  • Saw
  • Brackets
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer

This should be enough to have a basic kitchen, with shelving, countertop space, and backsplash. If you wanted a sink, and oven or microwave doors that open, you will need to add a scroll saw (to cut the hole for the sink bowl), door handles, and hinges. To make assembly easier, a power drill would also be beneficial.

Next up comes the fun bit: designing your child’s toy kitchen set. You can paint the kitchen with your son or daughter’s favorite colors using either spray paint, or going down to your local hardware store for their “mis-tints”. These are colors that people either didn’t like, or never came back for, that are at a discounted rate.

For a one-time, small job like this, mis-tints can be amazing! If you don’t want to go to the effort of painting, you can use wallpaper, adhesive vinyl, or even wall decals to add a fun design.

Going to a refurbished, or even a thrift store can help you find faucets, and bowls to easily screw (or glue) in. The rest of the details (oven door, stove top, microwave, etc…) can be hand-drawn, or you can use stickers that can be purchased at the dollar store.

Making your child his or her own toy kitchen set can be rewarding for both of you. You will appreciate just how simple (and cost effective) it can be, and your child can have more fun playing with it, knowing it was created specifically for them. 

If you don’t have the knowledge or time to handle this project, but still want a wooden toy kitchen for your children, check out our review page that focuses on playsets from this material.


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