Little Tikes

Cook N Grow Kitchen

Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen

This cute little red-and-white play kitchen set from Little Tikes is actually quite innovative. Unlike other toy kitchens, your kids can play with this one for several years before they grow out of it. That’s because Cook N Grow has two configurations: a low-to-the-ground setup that’s perfect for two-year-olds, and a taller setup for older kids.

Another interesting thing about this toy kitchen set is that it makes electronic noises. The stove makes realistic sounds when you turn it on. Also, the knobs click in a realistic way when you turn them. Another bonus is the fact that this playset comes with a handful of cooking accessories. Most playsets do not.

Despite all these unique features, the price is very reasonable compared to other kitchen playsets on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the main features.


Wide age range — Once your child learns how to walk, simply change the configuration to “tall” mode.

Sound effects — The oven makes noise when you turn it on.

Knobs that turn and click — Twistable knobs are great for building coordination and developing fine motor skills.

Cooking accessories included — Unlike other playsets that require you to buy your own accessories, this set comes with play silverware, a plastic hotdog and hamburger, a coffee pot, a shape sorter game and multi-colored plates and cups.

Our Rating: 4.0/5


The Good

This kitchen set is innovative in that it can be configured for both toddlers and older children. Also, it comes with accessories and the oven makes sounds when you turn it on.

The Bad

Everything is made out of plastic. The plastic seems to be of high quality, but it still looks a little cheap.

Best Suited For

Parents looking for an affordable toy kitchen set that will continue to entertain their kids for several years.

Not So Good For

Health-conscious parents. The play food accessories don’t contain any fruits or veggies.

The Verdict

This is an all-around great toy kitchen set that will continue to entertain your children until they reach five or six years of age. If you don’t mind the cheap looking plastic parts and the lack of healthy play food, this kitchen playset is one of the best ones currently on the market.

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