KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White

Though this toy playset from KidKraft comes in six different colors, it looks best in white. With this vintage kitchen set you get all the usual interactive features: realistic knobs that twist and click, doors that open and close, a built-in toy microwave with a fridge, and most of the other things that you’d expect to find in a kitchen playset-- except accessories.

The storage space in the shelves is great for helping your kid learn about how to organize toys. However, if your child doesn’t already have play food or cookware, you’re going to need to buy them separately. Lack of accessories aside, this kitchen playset still has a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other features.


Interactive components — As mentioned above, this set contains realistic knobs-- not cheap painted-on ones. Also, the microwave has a rotating plate inside. There’s also a detachable toy

Storage space — This kitchen isn’t just a toy-- it’s also a toy box. If your children don’t currently have enough room for their toys, this kitchen could prove to be useful for getting organized.

Retro design — This 1950s style kitchen is not only quite realistic for a playset-- it’s also easy on the eyes.

Sturdy wood construction — Though the panels are a bit thin, the particle board used in the making of this toy is a step up from cheap plastic. Most parents who bought this set reported that it is quite durable.

Our Rating: 4.0/5


The Good

Overall, this is a nice little unisex kitchen playset that any kid who is interested in cooking would enjoy.

The Bad

The size of the playset is a bit small compared to other toy kitchen sets. As a result, some toy kitchen accessories are too big for it. Be sure to do your research on accessories before you buy to ensure compatibility.

Best Suited For

Girls and boys who like to pretend to cook.

Not So Good For

Parents looking for an all-in-one kitchen playset.

The Verdict

Though a few included accessories would have been a nice bonus, this throwback toy kitchen set does look very nice. Also, it contains enough interactive components to keep your kids interested.

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