Kidkraft Kitchen Set Reviews

The Best KidKraft Kitchen Set for Your Little Chef

There are a ton of play kitchens on the market for your children. Some are modern designs while others are great for toddlers. No matter which model you prefer, they're all excellent tools for growth.

One of the best toy kitchen manufacturers is KidKraft. They create unique and beautiful models that are pleasing to both kids and parents. They use bright primary colors as well as muted soft colors.

There's something for everyone in the KidKraft kitchen set. Older children can enjoy the modern designs of grownup models. Younger kids will appreciate the plastic accessories and bright colors of the smaller kitchens.

Established in 1968, KidKraft is a Dallas-based design and development company. They manufacture dollhouses, toy trains, children's furniture, and various other toy products.

Tod.3ay, we're going to talk about a popular Kidkraft kitchen set with a vintage design. We'll also discuss a more colorful alternative. We'll list the features of each model, as well as what we like about each one.

Of course, there are a lot of other choices from KidKraft is these don't appeal to you. Another option is the KidKraft Espresso Kitchen. It's a modern toy kitchen that's perfect for growing chefs.

If you don't like plastic toys for your children, you can choose from a KidKraft wooden kitchen. These are wonderful models that have strong builds. They're also great because they last longer than most plastic toy kitchens.

KidKraft Toy Kitchens

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Features - This KidKraft kitchen set has a retro design that's sure to please children. The classic look is also great for parents because it doesn't scream kid's toy.

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is available in different colors, each a muted tone. From the clean white to the soft pink, there's a color option for even the pickiest of kids.

This play kitchen also includes a cordless phone and knobs that click and turn. The fridge, oven, microwave, and freezer doors all open and close. There's also a lot of storage for kitchen accessories.

The sink is removable for easy cleaning. The kitchen has two raised burners on the oven, perfect for bowls, plates or pans. Also, the windows on the stove and microwave are see-through, adding a level of realism.

The construction of the KidKraft kitchen set is smart and sturdy. The wood materials used last longer than their plastic alternatives. The play kitchen will also rest against a wall without sticking out too far. It's an excellent investment piece for families.

What We Love

The classic design is great

The color options are nice for kids

All the storage is excellent

The attention to detail is above average

What Could use Work

Assembly is tricky

Shipping quality was poor

Smaller than other models on the market

This is a great unit for the little chef in your family. The retro design will have their friends talking. It's also a classy play kitchen that looks great in any room.

The extra storage and realistic features are wonderful for children to lose themselves in. It's an excellent area for imagination and skill development.

The assembly time can be long, though. It's also a pretty complicated procedure. The shipping quality could also use some work. It's important to account for every piece that should be in the box.

Taller children might have a hard time with this unit. The size of this KidKraft play kitchen is smaller than other ones. Just make sure you're familiar with the model height before buying it. The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is 33" (2.75ft) tall.

We think that this play kitchen has an amazing design that will last families a long time. It's an investment piece to hand down for generations to come. This is a model that an entire family can enjoy and appreciate.

KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

Features - This KidKraft kitchen set includes a bright and colorful look. It has pleasing colors everywhere but isn't gaudy. This play kitchen is sure to please young children because of the fun colors and handy features.

The design of this KidKraft wooden kitchen includes a microwave, fridge, freezer, and oven. There's also extra storage above and below the sink. The kitchen includes three hanging hooks behind the raised stovetop burners. A cordless phone and colorful wallpaper round out the features.

Like most KidKraft kitchens, the sink is removable for easy cleaning. The oven knobs click and turn to give kids a sense of realism. The area is also large enough that lots children can play at once.

The windows on the oven and microwave are see-through. It's a small detail but one that adds to the feeling of a working kitchen.

The build quality of this KidKraft play kitchen is excellent. The solid, wooden materials mean it will last for a long time. The different colors are also great for boys and girls to both appreciate.

Even though this model looks different from the vintage kitchen, they're both nice to look at. This is a color-filled energetic play area instead of the retro-designed alternative.

What We Love

The colors are bright and welcoming

The storage is plentiful

There's lost of space for playdates

The build quality is solid

What Could Use Work

Takes a while to put together

Can be a pain to move after assembled

Some pieces were missing in shipment

Like we said, this is a great KidKraft play kitchen. The colors are bright and inviting. The extra features are wonderful for children to enjoy. Even though it doesn't come with accessories, there's a lot of storage for them.

The size of this play kitchen is large enough for large playdates. Also, unlike the vintage model, this one is tall. It stands at 42.38" (3.5 ft). This means that taller children can still enjoy the kitchen.

Like with most toy kitchens, it can take some time to put together. Also, check the instructions for any missing pieces.