Best Girls Play Kitchen Reviews 2017

What You Need to Know About Toy Kitchens and Girls

Before you starting typing with anger on your keyboard, hear us out. We aren't saying that Girls Toy Kitchens are not for boys. In fact, on our other pages, we explain the benefits of these products for all kids.

We just want to spend some time talking about the benefits that this sort of toy provides for girls. Of course, some of these advantages also applies to boys, so feel free to share the advice. We’re also not assuming a pink play kitchen can’t work for a boy, it’s just usually not the case.

We can't begin without talking about some of the toys designed for girls. This includes the baby dolls, the pretend household supplies, and the children's makeup. It can be kind of hard to see any improvements made in product marketing during the past fifty years.

We think that play kitchens are different from those other toys. As cooking continues to get more popular, kids of both genders are diving into the kitchen. This sort of toy encourages imagination and learning.

Why Your Little Girl Would Love a Toy Kitchen

So, how do girls in particular benefit?

Well, for starters toy kitchens teach girls to be in charge. There's usually one child who decides to lead the others when kids are playing as a group. This leader makes sure that the other kids follow the rules and know their roles. A girl’s play kitchen is a great atmosphere to encourage leadership.

Being a strong leader is an important lesson for any child. Given the gender expectations of society, teaching girls to lead at a young age is an excellent idea.

Toy kitchens also show girls that they can be anything they want. The only limit is their imaginations. Does your little girl want to be a famous cook or chef? What about a restaurant owner?

They can be any profession they choose. That lesson starts when your little girl learns to put themselves in someone else's shoes.

Having fun in a toy kitchen also teaches girls to be independent. It doesn't have to be a group activity. There are a lot of games a child can play in her kitchen that don’t need anyone else.

The most important thing to remember is that the kitchen is her space. Your child will learn to be responsible and organized. She'll also take care of a toy under her care better than one you're picking up for her.

Our Best Pink Toy Kitchen Reviews

Play kitchens come in all flavors. Some are a pink toy kitchen and others It's true that toy kitchens are more gender-neutral than before. We love companies that are getting away from marketing towards specific genders.

In fact, the only characteristics that distinguish certain toy kitchens toward girls are the color and maybe a sticker or two. It’s hard to recommend a pink kid’s kitchen as being gender-neutral. Otherwise, a lot of models get created with boys and girls in mind.

So, what should you look for in your little girl's play kitchen? We're going to break down two products that would make excellent gifts. We'll talk about the features and the benefits of these models. Let's dive in.

Step2 Little Baker's Kitchen

Best Suited For - 24 months to 8 years old

Features - The Step2 Little Baker's Kitchen is an excellent choice for younger girls. It has an electronic burner, oven, microwave and refrigerator.

It also includes a special frying pan and boiling pot that make sounds when placed on the stove's burner. The pink kitchen also comes with a 30-piece accessory set and a pull out basket for fruit.

The other features include a cordless phone, lots of storage and a baby seat. The plastic materials make it easy to clean and assemble.

Benefits - This model is a great choice for younger girls. The materials used to create this girl’s play kitchen means it will be easy to keep clean. The realistic frying and boiling sounds will keep young children entertained.

The accessories are great for teaching children about colors, shapes and sizes. Young kids learn about differences through observation. By touching and seeing objects, they find out more about them.

This is a great choice for parents who want to help their children with their vocabulary. One great way to do that is by picking different accessories and asking their kids to name them.

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Best Suited For - 36 months to 12 years old

Features - The KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen includes cloth curtains and metal accessories. It also features a dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer.

The corner design of the product is great for providing young girls with an area they can call their own. It's an excellent way to give them their own space to be responsible for.

There's also some counter space for your little chef to create delicious dishes on. The extra room is wonderful for encouraging imaginative play in small groups of kids.

Benefits - This girl’s toy kitchen is better designed for older children. The curtains mimic a working kitchen and provide kids with a sense of independence.

The larger environment also helps children with their organization skills. With the extra storage, kids will learn the best places for their kitchen accessories.

Kitchens designed for older children teach them to take care of their belongings. It gives kids a chance to clean up after themselves. Children will also feel a sense of accomplishment when they've finished playing.


Toy manufacturers learned a long time ago that they need to market their toys for all children. This is a smart choice because it increases the customers they reach. It also improves their public image.

Some of the lessons that toy kitchens can help girls learn are independence and learning to lead others. It's also an excellent tool to develop organization and teamwork skills.

Boys and girls can both learn a lot from play kitchens. The biggest lesson they can learn though? That a kitchen is a place for everyone to help out.