Cat-Shaped Food in the Toy Kitchen Market

Quite possibly among of the most important questions a person can be asked is: are you a dog person, or cat person? If you’re one of the 86 million people in the United States who own a cat, your answer will be a pretty obvious one.

Anyone who prefers cats over dogs, and has a child (or two) at home, should definitely read more about the Nyanko Kaden “Kitty Electrical Appliances” toy kitchen set from Epoch. Originated in Japan (the land of adorably innovative tiny toys) is this new line of cat themed tiny toy appliances, and food, you and your children will love.

Epoch Kitten Kitchen Appliances

Children who show a passion for cooking will love this tiny toy set. With a microwave oven, rice cooker, hot plate set, a hand-turned microwave dish, cat face moulds, a knife, cutting board, measuring cup, spatula, and, of course, a toy cat, your child will have everything he or she could possibly need!

The microwave set has a functioning door, with enough room to fit the dish that is included. There are even puffed up mochi rice cakes, shaped like a kitten’s head. This Kitty Onigiri Set contains an included carry case for the rice cakes, so your little one can bring them anywhere and everywhere.

The Kitty Hot Plate Set comes with cat faced takoyaki octopus balls (wheat flour battered balls filled with octopus, coated in a Worcestershire and mayonnaise type sauce) which, as they should be, are cat shaped. Shaped as a kitty face, there is nothing about this hot plate set that isn’t just darling!

After playing with this Kitty Electrical Appliances toy kitchen set, your little chefs are bound to be inspired to test out the regular sized versions of everything included.

Kitten Rice Cooker

To top the list of absolute cuteness overload, the Kitty Rice Cooker Set comes with a cat-shaped rice scooper. The lid on this one is detachable by pressing the kitten-faced button in the middle. It might be due to the fact that everything has a delightfully cute cat, or because everything is tiny, but this is definitely a toy kitchen set that can amaze adults and children alike.

The only downside to the set is that none of the food is actually edible, but it still won’t derail any of the fun had pretending to make perfect kitty face rice cakes, out of rice made in a kitten rice cooker.

All of the included miniature utensils are perfectly sized to handle the food included in this kit. As reported by NPR, the tiny kitchen cooking craze is causing a lot of buzz in the interwebs. Though it started in Japan as kawaii (otherwise known as seemingly impossible miniscule food that people make, and eat), it has been taken over by North American audiences, and we can’t get enough!

So even though the Epoch Kitty Electrical Appliances toy kitchen can only be bought online for anyone living outside of Japan, it’s only a matter of time until we see an increase in tiny kitchen food toys elsewhere!


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