Tips When Making a Toy Kitchen

Top 4 Tips for Making a Toy Kitchen for Your Kids For generations, kids play kitchens have been a popular toy offering hours of entertainment. There are currently many options available on the market for toy kitchens. From simple wooden kitchens, to plastic, to fancy multiple piece kitchen sets. Even with all these options some […]

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Cat-Shaped Food in the Toy Kitchen Market

Quite possibly among of the most important questions a person can be asked is: are you a dog person, or cat person? If you’re one of the 86 million people in the United States who own a cat, your answer will be a pretty obvious one. Anyone who prefers cats over dogs, and has a […]

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Making a Homemade Toy Kitchen

Homemade Toy Kitchen

How to Build a Play¬†Kitchen Buying your child a toy kitchen set can be a great way to give them a way to play, while expanding their minds and imaginations. These sets can sometimes be pricey, or have small parts that can be dangerous to your kids. A lot of the more affordable ones are […]

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