Best Toy Kitchen Set Reviews 2017

Best Toy Kitchen Set Comparison Table 2017

Toy Kitchen SetFeaturesTypeOur Rating
Toy kitchen
Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner
Removable Sink
Wooden compact kitchen
26"H x 36"L x 16"W Assembled
3+ years
Wooden4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen
Boiling water sounds in stove’s
Attached doll seat
30-piece accessory set
Requires two "AA" batteries
Intractive4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Polti 3
KidKraft Vintage Kitchen - White
Doors open and close
Removable sink for Easy cleanup
Cordless phone
Vintage4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
Polti 3
KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen
Chalkboard surface on the freezer
 speckled countertop design
 Convenient storage space
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Polti 3
Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen
Electronic cooking sounds
Real working oven
 2 year age grades
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Play Kitchens: The Best Ingredient for a Healthy Child

Let's talk about toys. We remember playing with plastic soldiers and creating works of art with our Lite-Brites. We didn't have computers or iPads. Our playtime involved simple toys and a lot of imagination. Today, the toys have grown up.

A lot of modern toys combine with technology to entertain kids. This means action figures that jump into video games and dolls that work with apps.

Of course, this doesn't mean every toy is getting more sophisticated. We've found that some of the best toys are ones that need some imagination to work.

An excellent example of this is Lego toys. Children like them because they can build anything. Parents love the skills their kids learn while playing. Our favorite toys teach children to use their imagination and build new skills. Toy kitchens are great products that do both.


Cooks Wooden Corner Kitchen

High Quality at an Excellent Price

  • Non-Gender Colors
  • Interactive Features
  • Our Rating: 4.0/5


KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen 

Modern Realistic Design

  • Non-Gender Colors
  • Interactive Features
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5


Cooks Wooden Corner Kitchen

Lots Of Counter Space For Corners

  • Non-Gender Colors
  • Interactive Features
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5

Let's take a trip back to 1983. We're making dinner using a toy kitchen in our basement. The plastic potatoes look tasty sitting next to the inedible drumstick. Not to mention the bright green rubber peas and orange carrots.

Working together, we created delicious pasta and yummy birthday cakes. We also learned to take turns and solve problems in that kitchen.

Toy kitchens have changed in a couple ways. First, they're marketed towards girls and boys. Today's design of toy kitchens also creates a modern workstation for children to play in.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Toy Kitchen

1. Teaches important skills. We learned to take turns and work together in the kitchen. Sometimes we wait to eat the meal. Other times we were the cook. We didn't know it at the time but we were learning important skills whenever we clicked the oven on.

2. Supports imaginative play. The hours we spent creating perfect dishes for our "customers" were wonderful. We were cooks, bakers, and sous-chefs before we knew what they were.

3. Builds confidence. The highest praise we could get was from the parents we "fed". We remember feeling a sense of accomplishment anytime we showcased our masterpieces. Looking back, it was also an excellent way to try our hands at something grown up.

4. Develops responsibility. One day while we were cooking we couldn't find the whisk. While trying to find it, we realized a lid was missing. It wasn't long before we were taking inventory of our supplies. We learned a valuable lesson about staying organized and taking care of our belongings.

5. Helps kids learn to clean. It's amazing how dirty a kitchen can get. This is even more incredible when there isn't any real food involved. We learned to clean our workspace using sponges and warm, sudsy water. This routine taught us important cleaning skills.

Of course, toy kitchens have more benefits than just these five. Looking back at when we were younger, these are the reasons we love kitchen playsets so much.


2 Step Little

Bakers Kitchen

Excellent For Younger Kids

  • Highchair Attachment
  • Realistic Cooking Sounds
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5



Vintage Kitchen

Fun, Yet Classic Design

  • Color Options
  • Lots of Storage
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5

The Best Props for the Most Fun

Like we said, the best toys are the ones that need the child's imagination and teaches them new skills.

As children, we learned the best part of a toy kitchen is the extras. Being able to put the fake food on the plastic dishes was a great way to show off a finished dish.

Accessories have gotten much cooler since we were kids. Challenging pizza puzzles have replaced the plastic molds we played with. The best extras are the ones that help your child learn.

So, how do these props help build important skills? We’re going to list the top 4 ways toy kitchen sets help your children grow.

1. Vocabulary - The best accessories have labels on them to help children learn their names. You can also help your child by asking them the name of a cooking tool or food. They'll also learn about different food groups and appliances as they interact with them.

2. Differences - When children play with toy food they learn about patterns, colors, and shapes. They're then able to sort different foods into unique groups. The ability to differentiate between items is a skill that begins when your child is young.

3. Problem Solving - Play food is a great way to start your child solving problems. Look for props designed as basic puzzles. The play food that comes apart usually sells with a plastic knife to separate the pieces. Another benefit of these accessories is that they teach knife safety to children.

4. Math - Try and find toy food with numbers printed on them. Using these will help your child's counting and math skills. Toy food is also a great way to work on basic addition and subtraction problems.

A good toy will entertain your children but a great one will also teach them important skills. If that toy lets them use their imagination at the same time, you've found something special.

The Best Toy Kitchens for Your Child

You've learned about the benefits of owning a toy kitchen for your children. Now you need to decide which one is best. Should you go with plastic or wooden? How big is too big?

Don't worry. We're here to help. Below is a list that breaks down th2 differences between the most popular models. Take a look to find the best play kitchen for your house.

Toy kitchens have come a long way. The build quality has gotten a lot better with wooden and plastic models designed to last.

The features are also much better than we used to have. Removable sinks, extra storage, and gender-neutral colors are all great improvements.

We know there are a lot of options out there. So, to help you find the best kitchen playset for your child, we're going to talk about our favorites.

We'll cover the features, prices, as well as what we liked and didn't. Of course, we'll also give our recommendations on who the kitchen is best suited for

The Play Kitchens That Will Inspire Your Little Chef

1. Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen

Features - The Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen includes a 3-burner cooktop with clicking oven knobs. The unit has a built-in fridge, cutting board, and storage shelves. The play kitchen also comes with a working timer.

Paul Mitchell Super Clean Flexible Style Finishing Spray

Size - The dimensions of this wooden toy kitchen are 26" tall, 16.5" wide, and 37" long. This model is longer than it is tall. It offers enough room for a toddler to enjoy the extra space. The corner design makes it perfect for fitting in small spaces.

Build Material - This toy kitchen features non-toxic coatings. According to our research, it meets or exceeds US toy testing standards. The 33lbs unit has a wooden design that makes it an excellent alternative to plastic models.

Assembly - To build this play kitchen, the manufacturers include the hardware and special tools. Before you begin, you'll need to make sure you have a slotted and Phillips head screwdriver. Assembling the toy kitchen could take a few hours.

Price - The Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen retails at a fair cost. Not the most expensive model we've seen, it offers a solid product for the price range. Of course, finding it on sale makes this toy kitchen a steal.

Fun Factor - This playset is a great place for children to cook up delicious dishes. The kitchen includes interactive pieces that will encourage your child's imagination to grow.

Best For - The dimensions of this product means it's best suited for ages 3 and up. The features and extra storage will also keep children in this group entertained. The bright colors work well with both boys and girls.

What We Like:

Non-Gendered Colors

Interactive Features

Fair Price for Quality Build

What We Didn't:

Plastic Sink Doesn't Stay in Place

Assembly takes a Long Time

Some Edges aren't Rounded Off

2. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Sebastian Shaper HairSpray

Features - This modern play kitchen includes a fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher. The appliances all feature doors that open to give children some extra storage. The chalkboard surface on the freezer is a fun addition.

Size - The dimensions of the KidKraft kitchen set are 42.5" tall, 17.1" wide, and 41" long. This means that the unit is the same height as it is long. The width of the toy kitchen is pretty narrow. The size of this model means it should fit in most rooms without sticking out too far.

Build Material - The Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a wooden model that weighs 74lbs. The materials in this unit include composite wood products, molded plastic, and some metal. It's a toy kitchen that has a smart, sturdy construction.

Assembly - The build time for this play kitchen is around 5 hours. This is going to depend on your building skills and whether you have a child trying to help you put it together. The instructions are difficult to follow because they aren't clear.

Price - It's no surprise that this KidKraft kitchen set is an expensive model. The toy kitchen's sleek design and size both contribute to the higher cost. The extra features make this a worthwhile investment toy.

Fun Factor - This grownup model is a wonderful way to encourage children to "cook" along with you. The chalkboard is great for leaving messages or creating menus. The mature design is excellent for getting both genders into the kitchen.

Best For - The mature design of this play kitchen is great for boys and girls. Standing at 3.5ft, this is a smart choice for growing children. The extra storage should provide excellent hiding spots for all the kitchen accessories.

What We Like

Modern Design

Good Customer Service

Lots of Storage

What We Didn't

Complicated Assembly

Poor Shipping Condition

Questionable Pieces


3. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Features - This play kitchen includes 4 metal cooking accessories. There's also lots of space for extra cooks in the play area. The Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen also features a dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer. The appliances' doors all open and close.

Kenra Professional Perfect Medium Spray

Size - The Gourmet Corner Kitchen is 36" tall, 12.3" wide, and 36" long. As the name suggests, the design of this unit makes it perfect for the corner of a child's room. Standing at 36 inches, the toy kitchen is a good size for growing children.

Build Material - The door handles, stove burners, and windows are all made from plastic. The main construction of the toy kitchen is wood particle board with a laminate covering. The KidKraft kitchen set weighs 52.9lbs.

Assembly - Putting the play kitchen together is difficult because of the vague instruction manual. The order of directions is confusing and slowed us down. You should make sure you have lots of time and room available to build the model.

Price - The unique design and build of the Gourmet Corner Kitchen set it apart from other brands. While not the most expensive toy kitchen, the price is still high. We think that this play kitchen has a great design and extra features that make it worth the cost.

Fun Factor - Even though this kitchen is pink and white, it's still an excellent model for all kids. The counter has lots of room for storing toy kitchen accessories. The corner design is great for kids to feel like they're in a separate environment.

Best For - This kitchen's design provides lots of space for young children to play with. There's room for more than one child in the workspace. This toy kitchen set is great for creating a space for imagination. The color choice fits a girl’s play kitchen more than a gender neutral one.

What We Like

Nice Quality Build

Lots of Counter Space

Great Customer Service

What We Didn't

Long Assembly Time

Vague Instructions

Manufacturer Errors

4. Step2 Little Baker's Kitchen

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold

Features - This play kitchen includes a 30 piece accessory set and basket for produce. The special cookware makes frying and boiling noises when placed on the stove burner. A unique addition is a baby seat that attaches to the model.

Size - The dimensions of this play kitchen are 41.5" tall, 14" wide, and 28" long. The Little Baker's Kitchen doesn't have a lot of counter room but there is plenty of storage space. Compared to other models, this toy kitchen is pretty compact and tall.

Build Material - This plastic play kitchen weighs 28.4lbs. While not the heaviest model available, it should weigh enough to prevent a lot of movement. The plastic material is a nice alternative to the popular wooden products on the market.

Assembly - This toy kitchen comes without pre-drilled screw holes. Parents need to be aware of this extra step because they'll need more time to put the model together. The instructions are clear so building the play kitchen shouldn't take too long.

Price - The plastic materials and size of this model lower the cost of the toy kitchen. Just because it costs less than the wooden kitchen doesn't mean it's lacking features. This is a great product for a lower price.

Fun Factor - The cooking noises are a great way to keep younger children entertained. This toy kitchen also comes with a 30 piece accessory set. These extras include dishes, cookware, utensils, and storage bins. There's also a baby seat for dolls and stuffed animals.

Best For - Growing children who like having their toys organized. This play kitchen is great for growing cooks because of the interactive elements. The cooking sounds are wonderful at keeping young kids engaged. This could also work as a toddler kitchen set because of the plastic build.

What We Like

Highchair Attachment

Realistic Cooking Sounds

Included Accessories

What We Didn't

Drilling Holes for Screws

Some Pieces Missing

Limited Storage

5. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Sukesha Maximum Hold Hair Spray

Features - This toy kitchen set includes oven knobs that click and working appliance doors. The retro-design features interactive features such as a cordless phone. The sink is also removable for easy clean up.

Size - The KidKraft Vintage kitchen is 33" tall, 11.7" wide, and 35.7" long. This size means that there's lots of room for more than one child to play in the model at the same time. The width of the toy also means it won't stick out far from the wall.

Build Material - The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen has a smart design, created by engineers. The size of this toy kitchen brings the weight to 53lbs. The materials used in this model include composite wood, molded plastic, and some metal.

Assembly - Building the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen will take roughly 3 to 4 hours to do. Parents will need to be visual because the instructions only have pictures. It's also important that builders follow every step or they could run into problems.

Price - This is one of the more expensive play kitchens we've talked about. With a fun, retro design, you won't find another model like this one. A good way to save money on the Vintage Kitchen is by picking a colored model because they cost less.

Fun Factor - The unique design of this model is a lot of fun for children. It provides lots of storage and a cordless phone for those important conversations.

Best For - The extra storage should appeal to children trying their hands at organizing. This is a great toy kitchen that will inspire creativity. The color choices will attract boys and girls to the Vintage Kitchen models. They also look great in bedrooms.

What We Like

Color Options

Unique Designs

Lots or Storage

What We Didn't

Long Assembly Time

Small Size for Growing Kids

Poor Labeling on Parts

Finding the perfect toy kitchen takes planning and time. You need to think of the best product for your child and house.

You don't need to settle for the large, obtrusive models of yesterday. The modern design of play kitchens is sleek and sophisticated. They fit in different size living spaces as well.

The best manufacturers are building toy kitchens that last. These aren't throwaway toys but investment pieces. If kids kitchen sets are well cared for, they can last for years.

Some of the things to look for in a quality toy kitchen set are:

Lots of Storage

Gender-neutral Colors

Solid Build Quality

Interactive Features

Space to Play

Size Appropriate

Some parents will prefer different build materials over others. Wood versus plastic is a big debate right now. The quality of the paint used and the amount of lead in that paint is also important.

The brands we recommend are; KidKraft, Melissa & Doug Cook's, and Little Tikes. These companies value product safety and quality, interactive toys, and stimulating environments.

There is a lot to think about when buying a toy kitchen set. If you find the right one for your family it can be a great tool for learning valuable skills.